: [Gratis seriebok!] The AltCom 2010 SEX & WAR anthology


SEX & WAR… Two subjects that we are confronted with every day in one way or another. If you haven’t been in a war situation yourself, chances are you know someone who has. Or one of you neighbors that you meet in the elevator has. Or at least you’ve seen in on TV. It’s there in the background whether you’re aware of it or not. And sex… Sex surrounds us and is always present. On film, in advertising, magazines and in our daily human relations.

The stories in this book are a number of artists from different places giving their views on these topics.

Will be given out for free at the festival!

And here’s the list of participants:

  • Ville Ranta
  • Ina Korneliussen
  • Doraya
  • Karolina Bång
  • Moacir Martins
  • Amalia Alvarez
  • Howard Hardiman
  • Adam Boman
  • Rauni Maneo & Sonja Or
  • Mika Lietzen
  • Simon Petersen & Cav Bøgelund
  • Dennis Gustafsson
  • Sylvain Runberg & Emre Özdamarlar
  • Ivan Brun
  • Sofia Lindh
  • Bo Ashi
  • Helena Hellman
  • Samuel Larsson
  • Ainur Elmgren
  • Mattias Elftorp
  • Danijel Zezelj
  • Sarah Kläpp
  • Jyrki Heikkinen
  • Jacob Ørsted & Søren Mosdal
  • Lisa Ewald
  • Spyros Verykios
  • Nicolas Krizan
  • Nik Neves
  • Chad Verrill
  • Zabratta Studio
  • Johanna Rojola & Aino Sutinen
  • Lucas Holmqvist & Elise Rosberg
  • Ofog & Henri Gylande & Minna Svensson
  • Oskar Aspman
  • Nedzad Maksumic & Valerio Bindi


  • Susanne Johansson
  • Natalia Batista
  • Mattias Elftorp

AltCom 2012 – Program: Festivalveckan [7–9 nov]

AltCom 2012 – Program: Klimaxhelg [10–11 nov]

AltCom 2012 – Program: Paneler & presentationer [10–11 nov]

Altcom 2012 – Serieantologier [delas ut gratis!]

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